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Shalani Soledad was christened as Shalani Carla San Ramon Soledad. She was born on April 20, 1980 in Camarines Sur. Shalani is both a politician and a showbiz personality. She has been a member of the Valenzuela City Council second district from 2004 up to this writing and also a host in the popular game show Willing Willie.

Shalani was born out of wedlock to Adolfo Aguirre, formerly the chairman of Banco Filipino, and Evelyn San Ramon, a Philippine Airlines Attendant. She was raised by her uncle Ramon Soledad and aunt Edith, her mother's sister. This is the reason why she is carrying the surname Soledad as she was christened under the couple's watch. The couple are also the ones reflected in Shalani's birth certificate as her parents.

But even that was the case, Shalani was still able to live with her mother when the latter was in Kuwait working in one of the hotels there. Shalani and her brother Carlo live with their mother in Kuwait and took their education there. It was reported that Shalani and Carlo took their OJT at the Housekeeping and Food adn Beverages divisions at the Radison SAS Hotel befor ethey returned to the Philippines for their college education in 1998.

Shalani took her elementary education at the Manresa School and completed her secondary at St. Louis College of Valenzuela. In college, she took the course Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management at the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. She described herself as an average student and she was not able to finish college due to some units in Physical Education and then her early stint in politics.

Before she joined politics, she became a member of Senator Panfilo Lacson's staff. She then became a news reporter at UNTV 37 and in 2004, she was elected for a post in Valanzuela City's legislative council.

It was through politics where she met now president Noynoy Aquino. Aquino, then a senator, met the politicians of Valenzuela for some political agenda. They werer introduced to each other and there started their romance. The place was Alfredo's Steakhouse.

Shalani was introduced to the Aquino family and although she was received well by former President Cory Aquino, there are many observers that some of the siblings, especially Kris Aquino, did the opposite.

During the national elections of 2010, Shalani gave her all-out support to Noynoy's presidential bid. She campaigned for Noynoy in Valenzuela and because of that, Noynoy got garnered more than 90% of the city's total votes. NOt only that, she even accompanied Noynoy in his campaign sorties and sometimes along in some parts of the country.

But due to some differences, Noynoy, then the president, dumped her and the breakup happened also in Alfredo's. It was rumored that Noynoy dumped her for Liz Uy, his stylist and a friend of sister Kris. There were even reports that it was Kris Aquino that forced Liz to Noynoy although there are no confirmation in the said rumors. Shalani even said there were no third parties involved in the breakup and it was because of their busy and hectic schedules.

It was at that time when Shalani Soledad was reached by Willie Revillame and offered her to be his co-host in his game show Willing Willie in TV5. At first, she was reluctant to accept the offer for she thought a agme show host would not fit her personality. She asked for guidance from her family, friends and God and after some deliverations, she accepted the offer.

Shalani started her hosting job in Willing Willie on November 8, 2010 and that was one of the highest ratings the show garnered. The Willie - Shalani tandem was accepted by the masses very warmly and they are one of the hottest properties of showbiz as of this time.

Shalani was a clear neophyte when she first appeared in TV. It is due to this reason that there were so many reactions to the way she conducted her hosting job. There were some reactions that she does not fit to the job as she is too modest and a game show needs some energy to make the show more lively. Her wardrobe was even noticed. Many suggested that she should get a stylist so that her image on screen will be improved.

Shalani took all of those criticisms positively. She hired a stylist and that is evident in her outfits today and there are no criticisms now with the way she dressed. Her hosting skills is now also improving. She is now exchanging jokes with Willie and se is more energized now than before.

Due to theri closeness in the set, there are many speculations that they are now in a relationship deeper than just co-hosts in the show. But Shalani insisted that she is not falling for Willie but she said there will be a possible romance that may develop.

Speculations became stronger that they are already in a relationship when the two were spotted in Boracay in the early hours of the new year (2011). They were photographed in about 1am in Boracay with some of their friends partying in Bora and later boarded in Willie's yacht.

A lot were more were intrigued when Shalani gifted Willie with a song during the latter's birthday titled "Salamat sa Pagibig Mo" (Thank You for Your Love).

Wil Time Big Time

During the height of the controversy in Willing Willie about the alleged child abuse hurled to Willie Revillame, some observers thought that Shalani is going to distance herself from Willie. But Shalani stood her ground and supported Willie to the case. Shalani even marched with some supporters to the MTRCB to show their support to the Willie and the show. The controversy forced the show Willing Willie cancelled from the air but came back with a new name "Wil Time Big Time" with bigger prizes and high tech productions. They boast new set with LED stage which is the only LED stage in Asia. As of this writing, sponsors are already going back to the show and more are reported to be following suit.
Shalani Soledad

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